PM-OICR Translational Genomics Laboratory

Furthering the use of genomics technologies in the clinical oncology space.

About Our resource

PM-OICR TGL is an integrated cancer genomics and informatics resource supporting personalized patient cancer genome interpretation.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre-Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Translational Genomics Laboratory (PM-OICR TGL) is a joint collaboration built to further the use of genomics technologies in the clinical oncology space. 

PM-OICR TGL works with clinicians  to provide expanded research profiling of clinical cancer specimens by integrating treatment, pathology, imaging, and genomic analysis of fresh and archival tumors including interpretation of cancer variant profiles, tumour classification, and web-based data sharing (e.g. PM-OICR TGL is a key participant in local, provincial and national clinical genomic programs including Ontario wide Cancer targeted Nucleic Acid Evaluation (OCTANE) trial federating clinical genomic data from five of Ontario’s largest cancer treatment centres.



Our vision is that cancer treatments be targeted using integrated interpretation of all sources of genome variation active within a person’s tumour cells.


Our mission is to enable the broad adoption of genomic molecular assays for clinical research.


  1. Facilitate access to genome-wide multi-omic assays from pathology specimens (Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded, FFPE);

  2. Identify molecular patterns associated with patient outcome and clinical variables from standard of care and second line therapies;

  3. Share and continuously improve integrated analysis methods Github to facilitate robust tumor phenotypic classification;

  4. Facilitate actionable mutation detection through an emphasis on multiplatform molecular diagnostics, including methylation, transcriptome and exome sequencing;

  5. Facilitate rapid dissemination of patient tumor genomic reports and annotation through cBioPortal unifying genomic interpretation, pathology review and imaging into a common accessible database.

Our Services and Expertise

PM-OICR TGL provides clinical investigators with a solution for assimilating cancer genomics methods and patient outcomes into active clinical trials. Specifically, we provide study design consultation, facilitate ethics and material transfer agreements, and perform integrated molecular profiling of tumor transcriptome, exome and methylomes facilitated by our laboratory team. Our assays and methods are derived and adapted from protocols for low input, formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissues and blood fractions sourced from correlative programs and biorepositories collected during routine standard of care. We provide rapid reflex of clinically annotated cancer genomes through web portals hosted at OICR and UHN. We use harmonized annotation processes and the web-based interface cBioPortal, allowing user-friendly browsing and searching of actionable and non-actionable variants within cancer cohorts. We continually improve our methods for genomic and clinical information sharing and interpretation through our ongoing collaborations with an extensive network of collaborating clinical investigators.

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Our Services and Expertise are widely available to researchers in Canada and internationally.

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Dr. Trevor Pugh

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Dr. Dax Torti

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