OICR Genome Informatics

Developing open-source, extendable solutions for big-data genomic science.

About Our program

OICR’s Genome Informatics Program develops new software, databases and other necessary components to store, organize and compute over the large and complex datasets being generated by OICR’s cancer research programs. Our resources and expertise are shared with the Ontario cancer research community, with the goal of accelerating cancer research and bringing treatments to the clinic faster.

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Our mission is to advance the knowledge and treatment of cancer by facilitating computation on big cancer datasets.


  • Develop information systems that apply our understanding of cancer biology to cancer clinical care;

  • Harmonize and disseminate large cancer-related data sets;

  • Train the next generation of software engineers to work on cancer-related problems;

  • Through technology, foster efficiency, communication and collaboration within and among Genome Informatics and Computational Biology, OICR and the wider community;

  • Articulate and translate Genome Informatics’ achievements and impacts.

Our Services and Expertise

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The Cancer Genome Collaboratory

For researchers looking to run complex analysis operations on the world’s largest and most comprehensive cancer genome dataset, take a look at the Collaboratory, a unique academic compute cloud resource hosting extensive data from the ICGC and PCAWG projects. 

Explore more details about the Collaboratory

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Overture Software

Built to be reusable and scalable, Overture is a collection of open-source, extendable solutions for big-data genomic science that can be used to support big data research. Interested by our expertise or software stack and need help getting started? Want to collaborate with us on exciting new projects? We are here to help!

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Web Development

We have expertise in designing and building websites and web applications that enable researchers to present their cutting-edge cancer research in a manner that engages a global community.

Learn about OICR’s WebDev Team

Collaborate with Us

Our Services and Expertise are widely available to researchers in Canada and internationally.

Our Team

Dr. Michelle Brazas

  • Senior Program Manager

Our Career Opportunities

The AO team is on the lookout for dedicated and talented people to participate in our culture of innovation and excellence.

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