OICR Computational Biology

Making cancer discoveries using computational and data-intensive techniques.

About Our program

OICR’s Computational Biology Program is the scientific engine of research and analytics at OICR. The program’s investigators lead local and international cancer genomics research studies and programs. In many cases, the program’s teams develop new algorithms, software, visualization tools and other necessary components to interrogate and interpret the large and complex datasets. Our resources and expertise are shared with the Ontario and the international cancer research community, with the goal of supporting the acceleration of cancer research.



Our vision is to realize breakthrough discoveries in cancer management using advanced big data analytic techniques.


Our mission is to advance the knowledge and treatment of cancer through computational biology.


  • Gain new and deeper understanding of cancer biology through the application of computational and data-intensive techniques;

  • Train the next generation of computational biologists to work on cancer-related problems;

  • Foster efficiency, communication and collaboration within and among Computational Biology and Genome Informatics, OICR and the wider community.

Collaborate with Us

Our Services and Expertise are widely available to researchers in Canada and internationally.

Our Team

Dr. Quaid Morris

  • Associate

Dr. Christina Yung

  • Principal Research Scientist

Dr. Shraddha Pai

  • PI

Dr. Michelle Brazas

  • Senior Program Manager

Our Research Output

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Event Dates:

Virtual, Toronto, Ontario

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Event Dates:

Virtual, Toronto, Ontario