Dr. Michelle Brazas

  • Senior Program Manager, Adaptive Oncology
  • Senior Program Manager (Computational Biology)
  • Senior Program Manager (Genome Informatics)


  • Michelle.Brazas at

Dr. Michelle Brazas is the Senior Program Manager for Adaptive Oncology at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR), a program encompassing a wide variety of projects from imaging, informatics, genomics and diagnostic development. She is also the Project Manager for the Cancer Genome Collaboratory project (, an academic compute cloud environment for analysis across the ICGC dataset. Previously, she was the Lead for, a national bioinformatics continuing education program and a faculty member in Biotechnology at BCIT. She founded and runs the Toronto Bioinformatics User Group (TorBUG), and plays an active role in the International Society of CB where she sits on the Board of Directors. She is also on the Executive Board of the Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education & Training (GOBLET), where she helps coordinate bioinformatics training endeavours worldwide. She completed a PhD in Microbiology at the University of British Columbia and an undergraduate degree in Pharmacology from McMaster University.

Current Affiliations
  • Senior Program Manager, Adaptive Oncology
  • Senior Program Manager, Genome Informatics, OICR
  • Program Manager, Computational Biology, OICR