Dr. John Bartlett

  • Director (Diagnostic Development)
  • Provincial Principal Investigator (OTB)
  • Project Director, OICR (Heterogeneity in Space)
  • PI, OICR (Heterogeneity in Time)


  • John.Bartlett at oicr.on.ca

Personalized medicine requires personalized diagnostics. As the impact of the deep molecular characterization of cancer and other diseases is translated into clinical management of patients a new wave of molecular diagnostic tools are emerging. Dr. John Bartlett’s research is focused on the development of novel diagnostic approaches to stratified medicine predominantly in breast and prostate cancer. By deep molecular analysis across large clinical cohorts, linked to mechanistic understanding of pathways driving therapeutic resistance, he is developing and validating novel approaches to molecular diagnostics in cancer. These novel approaches will increasingly enable a personalized or stratified treatment approach, in the clinical setting, for cancer patients across Ontario and beyond.

Current Affiliations
  • Project Director, Assessing Tumour Heterogeneity in Space
  • Principal Investigator, Assessing Tumour Heterogeneity in Time
  • Program Director, Diagnostic Development, OICR
  • Provincial Principal Investigator, Ontario Tumour Bank (OTB)
  • OMPRN Education Lead, Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network
  • Honorary Professor, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, University of Edinburgh
  • Affiliate Scientist, University Health Network, Toronto
  • Professor (Status-Only), Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto